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I grew up in a very traditional Jewish home that embodied both Jewish and Zionistic values. Because of this, my connection to Israel came quite naturally when I first visited at the age of 13.

While that was my experience, I soon learned that not everyone held the same views and sentiments as I did. While that is the case with all aspects in life, something felt different when it came to the topic of Israel. Much of the time it felt like the bad was overshadowing the good, preventing unfamiliar/uninformed individuals from finding a way to connect.

As someone currently living in Israel, I see the country for what it is: “the good, the bad, and the Sabra,” as the saying goes. Living within that ever-present reality, I am constantly striving to connect to Israel in the ways that are most meaningful for me and deepen the bond I have with this land. Israel’s vital existence is dependent on the next generation(s) gaining a clearer understanding of what exactly this nation means for them, and in turn, creating an army of Ambassadors for Israel.

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